Just installed, tried upgrading, everything errored out and deleted itself

hey, I just installed garuda spitzaestus, and somehow, for some reason, when I tried upgrading, it completely broke my install, as in errors caused the whole system to delete itself, this is part of the series of errors I got in the process. It has rendered my system unusable, is there a solution to fixing the updates so my whole system doesn’t delete itself? from what I noticed is that it seems to be a permissions issue where nothing has permission to write to disk and this is during an upgrade and thus it uninstalled everything, then failed to reinstall, thus leaving me with nothing but my snapshots to work with, I was able to install discord, but updating just breaks the install completely, thus forcing me to boot into a snapshot to try again with the same issue as before, I really need a solution on fixing this problem.

Use live ISO and post the garuda-inxi, please. Btw, we are on “Bird of Prey”
Seems you got all problems together if you use old ISO.


yeah, that’s seems to be it, I restored from snapshot then installed etcher after downloading bird of prey and installed that and that solved the issue ^_^, so basically yeah, this issue’s pretty much resolved now that I know what exactly happened that lead to the borked update, it was trying t o upgrade to the latest ISO but there were too many incompatibilities between this version and the previous version that lead to the broken distro upgrade.

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