IWifi does not connect sometimes and I have to power off and on to fix it

Sometimes when I boot into Garuda linux the wifi does not connect whatever I do. When that happens I have to power off and on. This happens especially when I turn it on after it goes into sleep but it happens other times too. I don't know what is the problem. This made many downloads to stop midway after I opened from sleep.
Update:I don't know why but it just stopped happening.

Please, haven't you seen that inxi -Faz is required for each new topic?
Especially in this case, it is foundamental...


Some wifi drivers/chipsets are not massively reliable. iwlwifi seems to have some weird issues like this at the moment (e.g. if it fails to connect too many times the kernel module will crash).


Do you dual boot if yes
Then this happens due to that either live with that or remove windows simple :joy:


And if really cannot remove it, at least make sure fast boot is disabled

I use dual boot but I barely touch windows.

Open a terminal enter that command there and copy the output here as text, with 3 ~ before and after the text block for formatting reasons

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Fast boot is disabled.

I don't know what inxi-Faz is? Can you explain?

K now I get it

Guess I have to live with it

Hello, bring it!!!

inxi -Faz

Post it, or thread gets locked or trash binned.

This thread serves no purpose without your specs.


What a shame, I have helped hundreds of users with Intel based wifi fix their connectivity issues in the past. Many times the problem is correctable. Unfortunately the OP would not provide their system specs for me to be able to identify a fix tailored to their specific adapter model.

I allowed ample time for the OP to help themself by providing the required information.

No inxi -Faz no further help.

Thread is locked.