Iw dev connect not working

I’m posting from my phone, so I can’t include the output of ‘garuda inxi’, sorry.

My desktop became completely unresponsive after a failed update two days ago and I’m trying to connect wirelessly to an open network to re-download the broken packages.
I’ve managed all the preceeding steps necessary to connect wirelessly from the Arch Wiki but every time after trying to run

iw dev [device] connect [SSID] [BSSID]

It keeps returning
Usage: iw [options] dev connect [- w] [] [] [auth open|shared] [key 0:abcde d:1:6162636465] [mfp:req/opt/no]

Join the network with the given SSID (and frequency, BSSID).
With w, wait for the connect to finish or fail.
- - debug enable netlink debugging

I’ve been at this for a few hours and I can’t figure out what’s wrong with the command, and I’d appreciate some help with it.

Have you tried to just rollback to the snapshot taken before the failed update?


All of them that I could access. None has a working desktop

Just on the off chance it might work properly, try creating a new user account.

You can use USB Android phone tethering to obtain a working internet connection.

You can also post your garuda-inxi from the live boot environment. Testing the live environment is always a good troubleshooting step.


It’s hard to see what’s happening without seeing the actual command being run, but just to ask the obvious: you are not running the command with those square brackets, right?

In case you are missing them, the SSID should have quotes around it, like this:

sudo iw dev my_cool_network_interface connect "my_cool_ssid"

You can also do this with nmcli, which I personally find to be more straightforward.

Make sure the WiFi interface is enabled.

nmcli device set my_cool_network_interface wifi on

Check the available WiFi networks if you want to.

nmcli device wifi list

Connect to the network.

nmcli device wifi connect "my_cool_ssid" ifname my_cool_network_interface

I wasn’t using brackets around the options, but I didn’t know about the quotation marks either since they weren’t in the Arch Wiki.
That was it. I’ve just fixed everything.
Thanks for the help :slight_smile:


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