It’s been real, guys and girls

I’ve made the tough decision to move back to Debian. The operating system is quite laggy on my machine, so until I can upgrade my system, I think this is where we have to part ways.
The community here is so supportive in every way, shape, and form. I’m going to miss you all so much. Especially you, @anon72786180, that basically forced me to do ■■■■■■ SAT prep, ■■■■ you. Just kidding. You’re the best for helping me through my long study sessions. Every one of you is special in your own way, and that’s something that you deserve to know. I decided before my ship sets its sights back on Debian, I should publicly acknowledge the people I think helped me the best!

Catra -
Oh, if it isn’t you, ■■■■■■■ Just kidding, again. You’re amazing for being so helpful, and when I had a miniature panic attack from not being able to study at all, you helped me study through. I’ll do my SAT in your honor, and score well for you. :slight_smile:

Dalto -
Thanks for helping me so much! You helped me when I didn’t know how to study, and that’s half the battle. :wink:

Thanks for motivating me and keeping me straight where needed. I have a tendency to wander past the line I’m allowed to stay in, and you made the line much clearer. Thank you!


I mean, just because you use a different distro doesn't mean you have to leave the forum...

There are plenty of people on here who don't actually run Garuda... :joy:


Glad to have been of help. Stay on the forum and let us congratulate you on those hard-earned SAT scores when you get them! :grin:


I think you are being a bit premature. Garuda is capable of running on some very old hardware, but you need to strip it down a bit for less resource usage. I have run Garuda on an old Intel core2 duo with only 4 GB of RAM and it ran just fine.

I simply disabled Latte dock and ran the standard KDE taskbar instead. Disable any services you don't need and Garuda will be quite frugal on resources. I never once ran out of memory even though I only had 4 GB of RAM and I'd say the system was quite responsive. Of course I'm not talking about gaming usage or heavy compiling, just your standard everyday web browsing, media watching etc.

Garuda can run superbly on old hardware, it just takes a little work to configure it for less resource usage. It's not that hard to do really, but you're the one who needs to do the work. Of course there is also the barebones option as well.

Best of luck to you in the future.


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