It does not save my config

Im using Garuda since yesterday and every time I restart the system I have to configure all over again, what can I do?

Did you start from USB live ISO?


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I install it on ssd drive from usb iso

What you do configure?
To get help be clear then possible we did not sit in front of your PC :slight_smile:

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I have 2 screens I was setting the main screen, added apps to latte bar, desktop images, steam and more and avery time i restart every thing is like if never did anything

For basic info post inxi like in

I guess Ill go back to Manjaro or maybe Ill try to reinstall Garuda and see what happens, its like using a live usb without persistance.

Are you by any chance using a Guest account that resets each time you log out?


how can I check that?

Generally by looking at the login screen. I don't know what you can see on your computer.


OK, I got it that was the problem, on the screen says guest or the account name you want to login; just make sure we choose the right one, great because so far I like the OS very much, I was playing on geforce now using chromium without any problems.

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