Issues with VLC

VLC opens on only one monitor and I cannot resize and move it. It is not in full screen mode and those controls at the top simply are not present. I am fine with resetting the preferences to their defaults (I did try this through the Preferences controls in VLC itself - obviously, no luck), but I'm just not sure what the terminal commands would be for this in Garuda. I even tried a complete reinstall, obviously no luck there either. Any suggestions? Thanks.

Install and test smplayer. See if it fits your needs better. VLC seems to have a fair bit of bugs. Smplayer in comparisson is much more solid. Install the smplayer themes and skins for a better looking UI.

Set the front end to MPV.



Will give that a try, thanks.


This is a weird VLC bug. If you move/remove $HOME/.config/vlc/vlc-qt-interface.conf this should reset the window location.