Issues with Dolphin after updating with "-Syyu"

Hey guys,

So i updated my system yesterday with "sudo pacman -Syyu"

The update went fine without any error messages...

Afterward, when I tried to open Dolphine file manager, no files or directories were showing and I got this error message - could not find /usr/lib/qt/plugins/kf5/kio/

I did a quick google search and ran this command "dbus-launch dolphin" and that fixed the issue..

I was wondering why that error occurred...
Did I mess up something by doing Syyu? if so, then how can I fix it?

P.S: I might seem a bit paranoid and that's because a few days ago I visited a torrent site, and it was scammy as hell.. I quickly got out, but wondering if some virus infected or something.


Have you rebooted since your update?


no, i did not.. busy with a lot of projects currently and have all of them in memory.. plan to reboot in the weekends..

will rebooting fix the issue?

I often have similar issues after a major frameworks or gear update. Rebooting usually resolves them.

I can't say for sure though.


you need to reboot

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When I was having fun skying, the saying went, "when in doubt whip it out" though that was usually an indication of a main 'chute failure and and impending reserve 'chute ride. (There were also not so nice ones.)

But it's as appropriate as following @dalto's suggestion. A reboot fixes a myriad of suspected 'problems' in Linux (just like Win), and is usually one of the first tools in a troubleshooter's bag of tricks.

@dalto's 'suggestion' carries almost the same gravitas. :parachute: :wink:



Just a note: Please use a single y (pacman -Syu). That updates by hash instead of downloading the entire database. It easier of the mirrors.

If I recall correctly: Shared object files (.so) and Dolphin can be funny. If the so file changes, Dolphin can look for a particular function it's been using and not find it. Restarting Dolphin (as you did with dbus-launch dolphin) forces Dolphin to re-locate the functions within.


Yes a reboot will resolve the issue. Same here yesterday. While you're at it check your Dolphin settings. A lot of mine were reset to the default and I had to revert them to what I like. Piece of advice in the future you should post the entire error message instead of just part of it.


Dolphin, elisa, konsole and other KDE stuff got major update recently. And it is necessary to reboot after each major update. Also, see


Yeah.. i generally update with Syu.. don't know what got into me.. maybe i wanted to type more on the terminal and feel cool or something.. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Then type complete command to refresh mirrorlist and update


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