Issue with Snapper Tools not showing recent clone files!

Guys very weird issue i had a couple of days of Chadwm not starting so i have had to use snapshots.
But from Grub window on bootup the snpashots last build was 23 Dec 2023!
But i have 7 a day and when i boot into Chadwm and go to snapper tools i can see them all!
How do i get them to show on bootup?

PLease note i am not on Garuda but Arcolinux but was told to speak to people on here as btrfs is your default on install.
I know i can manually delete it but can it be set in snapper to show the latest in grub boot up ?

Were you kicked off your own distro’s forum?? That sounds like a horrible place to me.

I am not able to fully grasp your issue but it seems your latest snaps are not shown in grub is that correct? Run a,

sudo grub-mkconfig -o /boot/grub/grub.cfg

and share the output
Just to make sure you have grub-btrfs in your system right?

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Are you using grub-btrfs? If so, there is a service file that should take care of this for you.

sudo systemctl enable --now grub-btrfsd

You may need to regenerate the Grub config to get the new snapshots to show up.

sudo grub-mkconfig -o /boot/grub/grub.cfg

Just to add to that, you would need inotify-tools for this to work so install that as well,

sudo pacman -S inotify-tools

without this the service will just fail.


I already have this file PrivateBin

It needs to be regenerated each time a new snapshot is created to add them to grub menu. Btw, did I get the issue right?

Hi Nan I only just saw a reply to the post so sent you a copy of what i had before i mess with my system dont want to brick it :slight_smile:

Also on a side note why did it work ans stop on 23 Dec 2023?

Before i add any commands is it possible to check if these are running already or can i just run them?

Regenerating grub config doesn’t brick your system. Even if you somehow manage to do it you would only have to chroot into your system and reinstall grub.

probably because you have some pacman hooks that add these snapshots when you perform any pacman transactions. This includes running grub-mkconfig to update grub. Thus why the automatically created snapshots weren’t added and need the service mentioned by bluishHumility to be enabled.

What does this mean? If you wanna know what grub-mkconfig will produce then no there is no preview option with grub-mkconfig. Read it’s manual.

When do we open the Fedora & Debian Help Forums here?


well as you can see yourself it just added 4 new snapshots to your grub menu. Reboot and check if you can use them. If everything works as intended go back to your main system and,

So that you don’t have to worry about this again. It will automate adding these snapshots.

just remember this,

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We are currently setting up the M$ help center, then the rest of the Linux world will follow. :smiley: :wink:

I’m sure Erik will be familiar with it too. :slight_smile:


Yep i added the final query do you recommend snapper or timeshift ?

The Arco dev has a good working relationship with Garuda guys.
So is there any need for sarcastic comments.
Arco dev is always promoting Garuda just need need to personify what everybody says about arch users. Lets have a better 2024 as Arch users.

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Erik is not a fan of btrfs and advised me to ask here :slight_smile:

Works perfectly and thank you for your kind help

You already have a working snapper system so why migrate to timeshift now? Plus from what I understand snapper has better integration with btrfs components.

Timeshift does basically one thing in a fairly specific way, while Snapper can be configured more freely to do essentially whatever you want. This makes Snapper a more versatile tool, but also more complex to administer.

In addition to being fairly simple to use and easy to understand, Timeshift can also be used on filesystems besides Btrfs (in rsync mode), while Snapper cannot.

Snapper is considerably more configurable and in general more robust. You can configure snapshots for any subvolume in any location with any naming convention you like. You can have tons of separate configs with different settings for each one if you want to. Essentially there are just much fewer restrictions with how it can be used than Timeshift.

It is already open! :partying_face: Fedora and Debian users are welcome to raise issues in this category here: 412 Precondition Failed.

This is also where this thread belongs; I’ll move it over now since it is resolved anyway. Welcome @OsoPolar and happy new year. :slightly_smiling_face:


Hmm I understand the reason for your comment however at the same time there have been instances in past where I have posted on arch’s reddit and despite them heavily mentioning everywhere arch questions only a few kind people have pulled me out of a pinch when people here didn’t know what was happening with my system. This is the reason why I am hesitant to just shoo away anyone asking help.

Off topic :smiley: but just a question.

And my answer was filled with :slight_smile: :wink:

If I had anything against your posts, I would have deleted them.

It seems to me that everyone is getting increasingly thin-skinned these days, isn’t it? :slight_smile: