Issue with Preinstalled wifi module

Can someone help me remove my preinstalled wifi driver so i can install a more better one.



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It is next to impossible for us to help you without properly identifying the WiFi chip and your kernel in use.

I am posting a link to the Garuda Wiki where you will find out how to post the information required to help you:

The section to pay close attention to is the inxi command.

Please post the required output(s) within a reasonable period of time or your help request will be moved off the main forum to an unfrequented backwater channel.

This is because help requests that include no information are of no use on the forum. Permitting posts with no information to remain on the main forum only encourages other users to think it is acceptable to post similar help requests that can never be solved because of lack of info.

If your post is removed from the main forum you will now know why. If you edit your relocated thread and provide the required info, your post will likely be returned to the main forum. To edit your post press the three dots near the bottom of your post, then press the pencil icon. This will allow you to perform an edit and include the information we require to help you.

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