Issue with Keyrings

I'm having some issues with key rings mailspring is telling me it cannot store my password securely. make sure I have libsecret and a keyring.

I go to the garuda assistant click refresh Keyrings

and get this in Konsole

/bin/bash: line 1: pacman-key --init && pacman -Qs archlinux-keyring && pacman-key --populate archlinux & pacman -Qs chaotic-keyring && pacman-key --populate chaotic & pacman -Qs blackarch-keyring && pacman-key --populate blackarch: command not found

when I try to do it manually in terminal it tells me i need root privilege for pacman-key.

I also get an error in the assistant that I'm failing to access groups for current user

Yeah, you do need root rights for that command to work.


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