Issue with installing Nvidia Drivers

Hi all

First off, I am quite new here and to the Linux world. I have just set up Garuda KDE Dr460nized Gaming Edition on my Dell XPS 9570. I am thoroughly enjoying the overall experience, and I am continuously figuring my way around the system. However, I am having some issues installing the Nvidia drivers. Inxi below:

When I navigate to system settings > hardware config > auto install proprietary driver I get the following:

I have had a look at the archwiki for installing Nvidia drivers through terminal, but it seems all to0 daunting right at this moment.


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For video drivers on Garuda use Garuda instructions/utilities.
Garuda Hardware utility updates system when installing required packages.
You 'd better update your system 1st, before doing video driver changes.

:: Starting full system upgrade...
warning: protontricks-git: local (1.4.4.dev4+g0fab781-1) is newer than chaotic-aur (1.4.4-1)

This is true, so probably update like this

sudo pacman -Syuu

Read about pacman (and man page).