Issue with installer

Not looking for support cause the issue rather it’s the installer or the hardware is easily addressed, just wanted to give a heads up on something.

OK as some of you know I installed Garuda KDE the day before yesterday, Going through the setup before install when I got to the partitioning I chose install along side. I clicked the drive I wanted to put Garuda on and instead of showing me that it wanted to use the free space at the end of my OS drive it wanted to shrink the Manjaro partition. That is odd and should never happened. I have installed plenty of Linux OS’s that use the same installer as Garuda and every time I chose install along side it always picked the free space I made on the drive. I don’t know if the installer has a bug, if since M.2’s are still pretty new tech the installer doesn’t always handle them correctly, or something else entirely. It was no big deal cause as always one can chose manual partitioning, and with what Garuda requires it’s pretty straightforward. So like I said this is not a thread for seeking help, just a FYI to help peeps if they have this same issue.

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The heads up on your experience is appreciated. However, my 2 cents worth is, never leave it up to an autoinstaller with Calamares (or any other installer) to create your partition scheme.

My advice is no matter what installer is used, decide on what partition scheme you want before you run the installer. Create your own partition scheme using a live boot disk with gparted in the live environment.

This is an extra step, but it is too important a step to leave to any autoinstaller routine in my opinion. Any installer can make mistakes, and that’s just not a chance I’m willing to take as my data is too important to trust an autoinstaller with.

The only time I ever leave it up to an autoinstaller to decide is when the drive has no other pre-existing partitions or data on it. I’m just naturally cautious, and if a mistake is made I’d rather it was mine and not the installer’s.

That’s just my opinion, your mileage may vary.


And I ALWAYS have a backup of my current or previous partitions, so if that rare instance of something going south I simply copy back the partition(S) I need. Even when I gave over this drive completely to Garuda I still backed up both boot/efi partitions and both OS partitions. Where partitioning is concerned thanks to Microsour I leave nothing to chance.


Very good.


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Backing up your partition tables is also a good idea. Having my partition tables backed up has saved my bacon a few times in the past. Next to no one ever backs up their partition tables, but it is good safety precaution.

The nice thing is that method takes up almost no storage space as it is only a small text file containing your drive geometry with all the partition boundaries recorded.


Now if we could only backup ourselves that would be truly great.