Issue regarding installation

I'm new to this Linux distros and stuff , appropriated for your help. I just downloaded and flashed Garuda Dragon (gaming) edition and flashed it through belena etcher on my usb drive then I went to bios to disable the secure boot and fast boot after doing all this is booted through the usb drive and selected the Nvidia driver option since I got a 3060ti and once I entered the desktop of Garuda I wasn't able to install the OS on the partition that I created prior. I booted in Garuda through usb drive the installation program isn't even getting started.

Here is link of my pov while installing it.

Can you provide your


From the live usb


Does this happen with your keyboard(s) disconnected?


sudo -E calamares

Better use Ventoy for live ISO's


Since you are having issues. I would suggest using Ventoy as SGS suggested. Also I would compare the SHA-256 checksum just to be sure.


I don't know whether or not this would solve the problem, but I've had better luck with installing Garuda by choosing the open source option when booting the iso from the USB, with me getting a prompt after restarting the pc at the end of the installation on whether or not if I want the Nvidia proprietary drivers installed, with that working out for me much better.