Issue on Cinnamon menu?

if you select
Garuda Boot Options or
Garuda Network Assistant
in the Administration menu of Cinnamon, the adminstrator password is asked but nothing else happens.

Booth apps are available within the Garuda Welcome app without any issue.

Also the apps are available within the terminal by:
sudo garuda-boot-options or
sudo garuda-network-assistant

but within the Cinnamon Menu they are just dead items.


Easy fix: don't use Cinnamon Menu :wink:

Maybe pkexec/polkit is not used in these apps and needs some change in .desktop 's Exec= commands to add pkexec.
The Cinnamon maintainer may help on this. Who might that be?? @dr460nf1r3


There is no maintainer for, so we remove it like Deepin :wink: :wink: :slight_smile:


There is indeed no maintainer :smiley:


One would assume there was a maintainer, did TBG get hungry, and have him with cheese and gravy (poultine)? :slight_smile:
But hey, you can't support I understand you're slimming down to a reasonable number.

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Nah, I'm not much of a poutine guy, and espicialy with cinnamon on top.

Strictly a KDE flavour guy here.

Just been busy lately, got me a new little Pomeranian. It's high maintenance and you know "you can't board it, it gets upset, it's hair falls out".