Issue in booting garuda

By the way
I m very happy with garuda team for their quick help.

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Actually i have an idea
Can we do a campaign to make garuda best linux distro above ubuntu

This is strange for me, but I'm not a Nvidia user.
You booted with proprietary drivers but they are not loaded.
Maybe it could be worth trying to boot the live USB with free drivers, install, update and then after try installing the Nvidia drivers.

Ok i am reinstalling garuda and also download lts kernel
Lets see whether all goes good or not?

We already are!!!

Of course Mark Shuttleworth might say otherwise, but the owner of Ubuntu's opinion is irrelevant.


now my system is working perfect.
I have changed the kernel 6.1.7-AMD from linux-zen works perfectly till now.

Thank you so much guyz

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