Issue in Add/Remove software

Hi Garuda Team,
Whenever i install any application from Pamac Manager it shows me database error, even i refresh the database ,it show me database corrupted.

pls help

Uninstall Pamac and don't ever install again.


Then what would be its alternative

Several alternatives exist, but all GUI tools suffer from the limitation of not being able to handle certain issues.
First of all, keep your system updated with:


which solves many problems, then use pacman, again from the terminal.
A useful reference:
The first time you'll launch garuda-update you might get an error, due to the one you had in pamac. If so, provide the complete output from terminal.
You can keep pamac just for searching, if you want, although there are lighter alternatives like pacseek.
If you need to install packages from the AUR, you already have the paru helper to do that. And to keep them updates use garuda-update -a.


Not the answer. The database error is a erroneous message. You would of known that if you had done any research.

Nothing wrong with Pamac for the one off program install and checking to see which up gates are out there, but yes as for doing updates do them via terminal / konsole.

now i fixed it. I reinstall from garuda assistant.
Working fine
Thanks all of you for helping me


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