Issue: Clobbering nsswitch.conf needlessly

Actually.... systemd-resolved itself is pretty reliable and great for split-dns automation, especially involving VPNs with push dns. Fedora use it out of the box, and it supports mDNS resolving properly, but not registering services like avahi is still needed for, so it comes with mDNS disabled itself by default, and can still work fully with avahi-daemon in place for that.

It requires:


either in /etc/systemd/resolved.conf or /etc/systemd/resolved.conf.d/mdns.conf

And for NetworkManager:


In something like /etc/NetworkManager/conf.d/mdns.conf to turn it on globally.


The way Fedora currently does it is quite suggestive of this not supporting services, because GNOME uses mDNS to advertise DAV-based Shares over the network, and they enabled systemd-resolved's LLMNR, but kept mDNS disabled and run avahi-daemon still, because it can resolve AND setup services.

But, you can totally run systemd-resolved and avahi-daemon together.

-- Psi-Jack


Maybe do this add those files in networkmanager-support package and make a pr

I did try this on my own machines, and the results weren't quite as satisfying as hoped. While it worked in resolving, specifically, it did not advertise services like avahi-daemon does. You could even use the host command to look up hosts by their mDNS, which does not work normally.

There's still more room to look into this, but I don't think systemd-resolved itself is ready for replacing avahi-daemon just yet. Not for mDNS support...

But for DNS local caching, and split-DNS auto-setup, systemd-resolved it actually the best thing since sliced bread!

-- Psi-Jack


As for THIS specific issue for now though, I've moved everything into MR's:

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This is an absolutely fantastic discussion, I'm learning stuff I have never heard before and hey, an issue is solved too!

I'll merge these when I'm at work :wink:


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These were merged but pkgrel and checksum bumps were missing. Fixed and they should be rebuilt next hour.
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Oooof... Woopsie. Yes, I did totally forget that. Thanks for the catch.

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