Is this avahi-ssh-server browser really required

is this avahi-ssh-server browser really required, or can i uninstall it,i was just cleaning up my os so can i uninstall it

If you are bored, you can read about it on the Internet.
Because no one here can decide for you whether you personally need it.


yeah i did google it so it said i need it for connecting to printers and scan for bluetooth and stuff both of which i use so if i uninstall it will i lose that functionality,

hey i could really use some help here and searching just makes it more confusing

You've established it for yourself, haven't you?
Delete it, if something does not work, install it again.

But we are not here in the forum to decide for you whether you can delete an app or not.

Time to close.

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Hi the one who should not be named,

Avahi ssh is important for networking. So, if you want to stay connected to internet, don't remove it.
Also, it is very lite. It won't affect your computer performance even if you remove it.

And you can dm any admin / moderator if you want to reopen the thread.