Is there any way to boost my systems performance?

I was "playing" csgo and I noticed that I was getting very low fps... I know my system isn't good but i was getting a playable fps on linux mint... but know im getting like max. 15 fps which is bad. Is there any way to boost my systems performance on garuda linux?

My Sytem Specs If Needed:
CPU: Intel Core i3 2330M 2.2ghz 2 core 4 threads
RAM: 8GB 4x4 DDR3
HDD: 500GB
GPU: Intel HD Graphics 3000

Try different kernels, especially Linux-LTS and Linux-tkg.

that didnt really help, it increased like 3 fps

any more ideas how i can improve my performance?

Read here:

but also keep in mind that Garuda includes most of this by default.

You'd need to qualify the difference between Mint and Garuda. There are many (many) possible reasons why FPS aren't the same (e.g. you're running in a window with lots of desktop effects active).