Is there an effective Voice-to-text application for Linux?

I searched trying to find a good voice to text application for Linux but I had not luck, does somebody found an effective Voice-to-text application for Linux, that also works in Spanish language, beside English? if so, please let me know.
Thank you and regards

Well, there are softwares on Linux but there are 2 disadvantages,

  1. They are inaccurate
  2. Many of them are based on baidu, Chinese software company. So beware of trackers.
    So the best option I would suggest is use chromium and get Google API speech to text. I know its not decent at all, but its the only option.

Thanks @Naman I presently use "Dictation for Gmail" Google Chrome extension, and it is very good in Spanish, with about 95% accurate.
So I dictate to a draft email, and then copy paste to my final document, but I am trying to get rid of big Corporations.