Is there a newer gnome iso than 221019?

I ask because i just downloaded that one from sorceforge and when the assistant pops up after install it runs into issues upgrading some companants namely installing pipewire also i saw a video recently of someone using gnome 43 with a fresh garuda install and this one is still on gnome 42 so i am a little confused

There is no newer ISO. Please post the errors you are getting from the update process as well as your garuda-inxi as requested. The system update will also update GNOME, after all. Garuda uses a rolling release model.


in addition to TNE's post the .iso may well be 42, but as garuda pulls straight from Arch repo's in the main, an update would have pulled 43 in as that's been in Arch since the 23rd October - after you installed the .iso, you did do a full system update before installing anything else? (important to do that with any rolling release otherwise its gonna break something or have an issue, which would explain the pipewire stuff).

Yes, there is. It is called ' Garuda KDE Dr460nized Edition' and it is wonderful.

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actually no, that has exactly the same date signature on it, so has exactly the same base. Just saying.

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