Is the overlay module important to Garuda Linux

Hi guys, small question is the overlay module important? I just compiled the linux-cachyos-bore kernel and when it was installing it the log shows that the operation could not be completed cuz the overlay module was not found and that the kernel image might be incomplete but after rebooting and selecting the kernel everything seems fine, my guts tell me it has to do with the snapper hook for snapshots, am I right? is it only important for updating garuda or it does not matter? If it was not evident the kernel was built with modprobed-db. Thanks in advice and sorry for any bad english!

Do you mean the grub-btrfs-overlayfs?
By default it is loaded as a hook in your /etc/mkinitcpio.conf

I personally have removed it cuz I don't use Snapper and I figured it was related. Of course I tested this not on my main root for a while and I have absolutely no issue. It's one less WARNING when mkinitcpio runs, for example after every garuda-update.

TBH I am not 100% sure it is ONLY used for Snapper Snapshots and I do not know if there could be bad consequences later down the road, so I will be reading carefully this thread in case I understand better the usage of that overlayfs.

What I understand of that is it's used to boot into a read-only snapshot and make it more elegant. grub-btrfs-overlayfs


the grub-btrfs-overlay thing was the one that throw the error of no overlay module found, so it is for the snapshots, that seems like a very important thing for when I break my install (yes not if but when) so recompiling now!.

Yes, if you use Snapper or anything else that works the same way as Snapper in terms of snapshot management, plz keep the overlay module loaded and the hook in place in mkinitcpio.conf.

You need it if you want to boot off the Snapper read-only snapshots.

Without it, lots of things will not work when booting off a snapshot.


Thanks for your answers!


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