Is makepkg compiling packages in /tmp by default?

Is makepkg compiling packages in /tmp by default? If so how do I temporarily disable it? I am asking as I want to compile a tkg kernel which needs 22GB+ space and I only have 16GB RAM. My PC automatically logs out while I am compiling and Tk-Glitch said that this could be due to makepkg compiling packages in /tmp. Thanks!

Read the arch wiki on how to increase temp 1st. but just for posterity this is mine and is permament as long as you have enough drive space, seems to work for me

tmpfs /tmp tmpfs defaults,noatime,mode=1777,size=10G 0 0 change the size to suit your req.

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No, it compiles in the local directory. You can set BUILDDIR in /etc/makepkg.conf if you want to change that default.

Very XY Problem. Check temperatures and RAM usage.