Is it safe to remove tela-circle-icon-theme-git?

I ask because the update for this them always takes a pretty long time (about two minutes) and I don't use this icon-theme and want to remove it.
Thanks in advance.

I don't believe that's possible as it is a dependency of some Garuda system packages.


Thank you! That's what I've thought. So I've to live with it!

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I was wondering the same; this package is really holding up with system updates. Pitty.

Yes, and excluding this package from updates is not a solution either.

Well you got to ensure that the settings package also pulls the right icons when it gets installed for cases like installing other system settings packages as the default ones. There is no other way.
If you dont like it there is still the possibility of removing the settings package and creating custom configs.

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Thank you @dr460nf1r3 but as @tbg said:

I've checked the dependencies with pamac and tela-circle-icon-theme-git is needed by garuda-kde-settings which will be deinstalled as well.
So I'm afraid to mess up my system. And I'm not a that experienced user to repair that mess!

Thats exactly what I meant here :yum:

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