Is it safe to remove orphans packages?

I can remove 235 MB, but is it a good idea?

Please no pictures from terminal output.
What did you find in the arch wiki or web about?

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When I run yay in a terminal, I get the following output

-> Orphaned AUR Packages: gimp-dbp lib32-libcdaudio lib32-libdvdcss lib32-python2
-> Flagged Out Of Date AUR Packages: aspell-da lib32-python2

IIRC you use arch since 7 years, time to search for your self.

What do you mean by that. I have only been using Arch for a month

I guess there's some misunderstanding/ confusion.

Been a bit longer than that using Garuda:

Joined Sep 18, '20

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Yes it is correct that I have been here on Forum from 18 September 2020. But I only spent for 14 days on my laptop with Garuda. Then it was deleted. Here on the 8th of February I then installed Garuda MATE on my desktop and Arch on my laptop January 10th. I will use these in the future. So carry a little over me as I am fairly new to the Arch world :blush:

You want Arch users to cosset you? Not gonna happen. :wink:

  • Check what is explicitly installed.
  • What does the command sudo pacman -Rns $(pacman -Qtdq) yield?

If you're not, we'll have to move this to the beginners' section.
If you are not, I regretfully withdraw my opinion.
Apart from that, it should be in the section "The user did not try to solve the problem himself".


That output lists the entire system, which makes no sense nor does it jibe with your other output.