Is it possible to restore .config files?


I restored default configs with Garuda Assistant, because I also had some issues with latte.
I had some personal aliases on my fish config.
I didn't set timeshift to backup my home folder.

Is it possible to restore my fish config or should I forget it forever?

Well, there's one thing. Run with it, using logic and reason, what do you think?

As you know, I'm a noob, but if I want to learn and one day 'know' these are just the right things to teach us.

Just my opinion - worth less than nothing, but what do you think?

I have seen an answer here, recently and I'm fairly confident of an answer, but it's not my system, so that gives me room to think clearly. Have you checked any files since using the timeshift snapshot?

No offence meant, I know it can be jarring, but now is when you can learn the most. Stand back, calm and reason it out. You can do this.


Well the obvious answer is...are you backing it up? If not, then no, it's gone forever.


I could restore despite I' didnt set timeshift to backup my @home.
It was a nice experiment anyway :smiley:


The original configuration files are in /etc/skel.


That's sad. Timeshift is virtually muscle memory to me now.

Take a look at plasmaconfigsaver and konsave also - they capture many plasma settings, I can set up my theming, krohnkite, terminal theme and colours also - everything is captured and saved as a profile which y ou can export also to a Dropbox folder so I can switch between a 'Nordic' setup with custom Latte and set of wallpapers to change to a completely different setup simply by using Konsave/logout or plasmaconfigsaver (I am using both until one clearly shows it's better than the other...).

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