Is it possible to multicore builds from the AUR in the default garuda installation software?

Trying to install packages from the AUR via the package manager you provide can be quite slow when you have to build the package. Take yuzu for example. It requires you to build 100+ C files and that takes a really long time on one core.

Before using garuda linux, I used pure arch. The way I would achieve multithreading was by going into the PKGBUILD file and add a line at the top of the file: MAKEFLAGS="-j16". That would allow all 16 of my threads to build the package in lightning fast speed.

Is there a way to do this in garuda linux?

You can do the same thing in Garuda.

However, in Garuda or in Arch, I think you should instead consider to edit /etc/makepkg.conf and change MAKEFLAGS="-j16" if 16 is the number you want. Then it will work for all your builds.


Awesome! Thanks! Wait, did arch have it setup like that too? I was doing MAKEFLAGS="-j16" for every package. I would feel kinda dumb if that were the case...


Yes. Exactly the same. :wink:


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