Is it possible to move .wine from one drive to another?

I need to download several apps that not available on arch, because of that I'm using wine, but my drive space is limited. so is it possible to move wine with everything I've installed to a different drive?


You can then use a symbolic link (symlink) to point to the new location (or use export WINEPREFIX but that's more effort).


thanks for the answer, could you please tell me more about the process of using symlink? I'm new to Linux in general, I barely now one or two things out about it

I could, or you could do a quick web search to find that out.

You might also consider buying (or borrowing) an introductory book for Linux that you can refer to while you're learning.


Hi, I am a noob.
I was looking into this exact problem. After a few rounds of asking the search dumb questions about symlinks I was looking at two options.
Learning linux from scratch (which is the better but more time consuming option) or following a 2 minute tutorial on YouTube (the fast, but lazy option that works).
I still learned that symlinks are kinda like shortcuts on windows but better, utilizing the file system structure of Linux...and how to make them using the GUI and Terminal.
Tested and works on Garuda. Hope this helps.

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