Is Garuda Linux ready for mum and dad?

The short version:

Is Garuda Linux stable enough to give to a user where:

  • Firefox is the Internet
  • Thunderbird is mail
  • Skype is calling the kids and grandkids
  • LibreOffice is what you use to read documents that other people send you
  • The user does not have the root password so cannot do anything dangerous

The long version:

  • Can Garuda Linux be updated (security updates only?) without having access to the root password (E.G. systemd service that updates without user interaction at shutdown / boot)?
  • I know:
    • it's a rolling release (currently on Manjaro myself and that is a no-go for mum and dad)
    • has TimeShift protection built in
  • Not wanting to go and have to upgrade their system every 3-4 years


There was a thread a couple of days ago about rolling releases and their target audience. It wasn't Mom and Dad, it was experienced users that can deal with the inevitable issues that will arise.


Use Linux Mint or Fedora, depending on which DE mum and dad prefer.


BTW it completely depends on your mum and dad.
If they are much technological advance, they will love Garuda, no matter their age.
But if they are using Linux for first or second time, don't recommend any Arch based distros, Garuda Linux included.


Are you trolling, Fabby?

You're a TL4 at Manjaro. You know very well what an Arch-based distro is like.

If you're actually being serious with this question - if Manjaro isn't suitable for Mom and Dad, then no Arch-based distro will be suitable.


Since everything has been said, I close here.
Topic is solved.