Is Fish better than ZSH?

i want to try out FISH but have no idea how to proceed... kindly help...

Check first your current shell, because Garuda has already configured FISH into the installer images.

echo $SHELL

Read before you start playing:





Freelance IT Guy || Owner of ArcTech Solutions || Linux Guy || Content Creator I have been using linux for last 2 years, started as noob, self taught, dealt every issue

Please do not waste the time of the Garuda team.


Looking at this one a bit closer, there is quite a HUGE discrepancy in what the profiles claim to be vs the actual forum posts. Either you claim to be someone else or this is some kind of trolling which aint funny? :smiley:


I would have said the same thing as I know this users profile quite well, but you guys beat me to it.


this is r/murderedbywords worthy


well :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: looking at the response.... may i know how to delete a profile.... :rofl::rofl::rofl: i guess i made a mistake switching to garuda and actually thought this forum might clear my doubts when no one else could :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: i should stick with ArchLinux and LinuxForum & ArchWiki :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

Well, I'm very sorry to see you've decided to abandon Gauruda because you felt insulted by the responses you received here. I thought from our discussions earlier today you understood that issues that were easily searchable online were best resolved with your own search efforts.

I explained this all to you more than a few hours back:

We've had to drastically alter the way we manage the forum with all the new users. We have tons of new users, but very little in the way of extra assistants so we're having to take a very hard line on posts that are in the easy to google category, or posts that have provided no info.

In our conversation, you seemed to understand (and you were in agreement) that this was necessary. Yet you felt you needed to delete your account after mods commented on why you (a long time experienced user) would need to post such a help request on the forum.

I'm sorry if any of us offended you, and I hope we'll see you back again soon.

All the best, take care, and stay healthy.


lmao he left

Request from my side:

  • I want to request mods that, there are too many users here those are complete beginners and your knowledge might help them to be pro. Personally, I learned too many things from all mods. Not just linux knowledge but also how to ask for an help on forum and how should your forum post to be like. If any beginner ask for help, then this things might be easiest for mods but particular user might experiencing it is very hard. So, guys requesting you to answer with half line without insulting particular user. Because any particular might feel it very bad. If any post may be violating any rules then give user a chance to make it well by personally messaging them without publishing in post reply.
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Well, I can answer that from being the sole admin on a moderately popular local FB group (4000 users). The admin doesn't have time to pussyfoot around stuff, and have to address it multiple times and multiple ways. And also after the first 50 people break the rules, you realize that dealing with it immediately is the only way YOU can survive (to prevent it propagating to others).
That's my thought and I'm sticking to it.


Sadly we've had to start taking a very hard line recently by moving posts that aren't directly Garuda related, provide zero info, or are very easily resolved by a brief internet search out of the main technical help forum. This was needed to keep the forum working for the purpose it was intended. The forum is intended to be a technical help forum to aid people in resolving difficult technical issues, not for answering questions like "why is the OS named Linux".

We are not here to be a personal search assistant for people lacking basic search skills. We try to point users that are a little lost in the right direction if they need some information and we are aware of where they might find it. However, ask yourself this, if I have to search the net to find the info a user is asking, then why can't they do it themselves. We aren't being paid, we are all strictly volunteers. So, if someone is being too lazy to perform their own search and they are expecting the forums support staff to do it all for them, then perhaps they should give their head a shake. Learn to Google, DDG, Startpage, or xearch (or whatever) for yourself, as we're not your own unpaid personal internet search monkeys.

The forum is too busy nowadays to be able to respond to everyone who is severely search impaired. If there were a hundred other Garuda forum volunteers pitching in to answer the trivial questions being asked, that would be a different matter. However even then, when a forum becomes extremely busy difficult technical questions end up going unanswered because they are buried beneath an avalanche of a hundred marginal questions.

it's a difficult juggling act, and it's easy to be critical of the forum staff, but unless you've walked a mile in our shoes you have no idea what goes on in the background with some users either. So you may think forum staff are being overly critical with a user, but you will generally be unaware if a user has been given multiple warnings, or perhaps just returned from a suspension for another issue.

It's easy to be critical of the way mods manage the forum, but with the radical growth of Garuda in the last 6 months next to no real issues would be resolved with these days if we let the help vampires overrun the forum. These types of users rapidly burn out forum support staff, and then there would be virtually no one left to answer difficult questions. It's a real balancing act, and frankly unless you've spent a lot of time providing support on a forum before you have no idea how challenging it is dealing with people who are unwilling to help themselves on a daily basis.

Give it a try and you may change your opinion real quick that moderators are overreacting to some users.


Is Fish better than ZSH?

The title itself doesn't fit in the Issues & Assistance category. The first thing that mods should have done is to change the category to Garuda Community and leave it to other users if they want to reply.


Well, I liked your suggestion but sometimes we must become a tad harsh for many possible reasons like

  1. When solution is already provided in forums recently.
  2. When solution is too obvious, like above one
  3. When user can't even do basic things like searching on web, Archwki and other resources.
  4. When user abuses / misbehave / does not want to understand
  5. Many similar cases.

But still, @petsam provided solution.


As the OP is no longer a Garuda user, I guess this thread has reached it's logical conclusion.