Is anyone getting layout garuda is broken . remove it to improve stability

Getting the error that layout garuda is broken..remove it to improve stablity....'

Has anyone experience this issue? If yes, what is the resolution

Ignore it

Its just a warning

As long as it works its okay


thanks for quick response


Why can't I change it to Garuda Layout??

I downloaded another layout and switched to it. When I tried to return to the garuda layout, it said it was broken and had to be removed. Is there a way to re-install the garuda layout?

If you are using KDE then Try to install garuda-kde-settings
sudo pacman -S garuda-kde-settings

for others, please use corresponding DE, you can find their listing here

Reinstalling garuda-kde-settings didn't do it for me. Certainly not an expert but I made a couple small changes in the ~/.config/latte/garuda.layout.latte file and I think it's fixed. I diffed the changes so you can see what I did.

< [Containments][16][Applets][79]

< [Containments][16][Applets][79][Configuration]

< [Containments][16][Applets][80]

< [Containments][16][Applets][80][Configuration]


Basically changed the duplidated "ID" on the end applet lines (77 to 79, 78 to 80). The way to see which ones are duplicated is to exit latte and then (from command line) run "latte-dock -d" and then open the layou manager. Look for the output lines with an error.