Introduction - a new n00b is in tha town

Hi there guys o/

I'm Bruce from Austria :austria:

I'm not new to Linux but pretty new to Arch and Garuda. (side note: why do I need to add the name Garuda to the dictionary of this correction tool? LOL)
I definitely fell in love with this OS.
My Linux experience is from starting Ubuntu 2010 to working with ScientificLinux and of course distro hopping. I had Ubuntu as daily for years, hopped to Mint Debian OSUSE and stopped b/c I ended up with Gentoo. I ran it as daily for almost two years.

The past few years I'm mostly on Win10. :face_with_thermometer: :face_with_head_bandage: :mask:
I'm currently trying to switch back to Linux mostly b/c of two reasons:

  • First the internet becomes even more a nightmare (well... some positives ppl got the NVIDIA sources leaked LOL) and
  • Second Linux is more than ever able to use Windows based programs and games. *blushing over to Valve.

My deal breaker for my transition is DaVinci Resolve Studio but it works :smiley: Even within a hour. Which made me join this community since I expect to continuing with Garuda. As daily work horse and gaming platform. I'm currently trying Garuda on my 2nd SSD until I get everything working properly. My AMD card is for sure an advantage there :smile:

I hope you're doing good!
And Congratz to the Garuda Team which has a fairly new Distro hovering in the Top10 of Distrowatch :+1:t2:

Best Greetz,



Always good to see some fellow Austrians on the forum :eyes:

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Thank you :smiley:
Greetz from Carinthia o/

Greetings from USA.

I'm new here as well. New to Arch Linux, too.
I used Slackware for 20+ years solely.

Have a good one in Austria!

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Welcome to the Garuda community. :wave:

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No matter what Distrowatch means, it's nice that someone takes the time to introduce himself here :smiley:


Garuda has been around for more than 2 years, but sure, it feels younger :wink:


Welcome and enjoy Garuda


Well, hey, welcome aboard! :slight_smile:

I used Slackware-only for about a year. Just long enough to kill the guy who said if I wanted him to teach me anything, I had to switch to Slack.

He's been dead since Mandrake. His fault, not mine. :wink:

My other nick is misterpuffpuffpass. I think we'll get along just fine, @Cannabis. :smoking:

You sharing your experience with real Linux may be able to cast an illuminating glow where not much has been cast, lately. This is Linux made nice-nice. :slight_smile:

Actually--and I know this as a fact even though it is not--Garuda Linux is simply a showcase of the developers finding of what, to them, is "Cool."


I mean, really, how cooler can you get than personally cranking-out Garuda Linux?

Welcome! :smiley:


Thanks @c00ter ! Burn em' down brother...

Glad to be here and I just posted my Intro In The Proper place:: Here

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Hello Cannabis o/

welcome :slight_smile:

Ooof Slackware. Didn't they just released an updater .. after 5 years or so? XD

To me Arch is pretty different but I like the challenge tbh. Although Garuda offers even more comfort than any "beginner orientated" Distro imho. While even keeping it open to the user to tinker. That's pretty cool.

have a good one o/


Hi @SGS sure I think a "hello to all" and a short introduction is important. Considering there are real ppl on the other side :smile: and - well, call me a nostalgic boomer - it is a matter of respect imho. And thanks that's a nice badge :slight_smile:
Garuda is in the TOP10 :muscle:t2: :eagle:

Garuda has been around for more than 2 years, but sure, it feels younger :wink:
That's fairly young for a distro :smile: at least from my perspective.