Interesting features in Windows 11

I was just having a look windows 11 update and a few features caught my eye and I thought of some myself

  1. To be able to save split screen layouts. It’s a really cool feature to be able to save different layouts and quickly select one when you need them
  2. Lock split screen layouts. This is a feature I’ve always wanted, if you do a specific command the split screen layout will be locked. This means the layout with two or more apps will act like one app when alt tabbing. This will be useful because you can move the split screen layout easily across activities and virtual desktops, also if you want to use another app you won’t have to tap tab 4 times to get to the app at the back.
  3. Widgets. Kinda useless feature but looks cool
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That sounds kinda like a different workflow than most Linux desktop environments, I imagine i3 would be the best choice for that kind of stuff. I still so not completely understand, are both sides of the screen in the same "workspace"?


So when you do a split screen one app is on the right and one is on the left, I would like the ability to lock them so they will be counted as a single app when alt tabbing.

One more feature - Updates

Cinnamon have gtile feature since very long ago. It is much better, and allow you to have any screen in any layout in any position on screen.

Btw, main feature of Windows 11
Blue screen of death replaced by black screen of death.


Could you incorporate that feature in Garuda then? At least we don’t have to strain our eyes when fixing windows problems

It is a Cinnamon or Gnome extension, so won't work on KDE. But there are surely some alternatives on KDE.


There is a kwin tiling script GitHub - kwin-scripts/kwin-tiling: Tiling script for kwin


One more Feature : Shitty Support & unnecessary complicated methods and absent of needed tools and method


Which feature? The blue screen of death or the black screen of death? :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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One man's BSOD is another man's BSOD? :slight_smile:


If you need tiling WM, use tiling WM. If you need stacking WM, use stacking WM. If you need both, use dynamic window managers. And pretty much every DE has extensions for tiling layouts, so it's not too painful to setup, I guess.


GreenSOD & BlackSOD
Sad noices

Dragonized KDE has a nice feature like this. Click on Window Title (hold down left mouse button) & dragon to a corner or side of your screen. This "snap" to screen effect is kinda cool. My opinion :grin:


The greatest feature for me is it does not support my CPU meaning my Linux is now Windows Free yea,


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