Installing the Garuda version of KDE Plasma on Garuda GNOME

I'm currently installing the GNOME version of Garuda Linux on my laptop because of PRIME Render Offload. Is there a way to install the version of KDE Plasma that Dr460nized uses if I want to switch?

Simply download and install.

I mean just the desktop environment. Keep the same installation and everything, but install Plasma. I know how to install regular Plasma, but I was wondering if there was a good way to install the Garuda version.

Yes there is a way but the command I someone may tell.

This may be valid .

How to move from gnome to KDE plasma without reinstalling full os

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first install plasma and garuda-dr460nized
then apply the config in garuda assistant "APPLY NEW CONFIGS"


Please do not ask for assistance on the Garuda forum if you insist on installing multiple desktops (or switching desktops).

As with any new automobile, if you decide to swap out your engine yourself you void your warranty.

Garuda ships with one Desktop or WM per edition. If you choose to alter that and create a non-standard install you are on your own.

Do not expect official Garuda assistance if you go down this road. Generally, If you need to ask how to do this, you are not ready to do this.


Yeah, well, if I could spell the damned word I wouldn't need a dictionary, either. :wink:


You can just install dragonized and just install optimus-manager and prime render offload.


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