Installing /home on a AMD RAID (Fake RAID)

Can I install AUR packages with the Garuda installation? To install on RAID and also garuda-chroot and insert on the installed system (mkinitcpio -P)

One Thing to note is that I need AHCI to be compiled as a module not built-in, Zen Kernel does that?

? during ? After install on metal, sure. During I think no :slight_smile:

My translator failed.

But this topic is solved, open new after search for your questions, post also your search results.

garuda-chroot= yes
raid on install=IDK
As I said my translator failed.

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AHCI is built in but I will stay for greatly polished distro. Also, I just went software raid.

Then you'll want to know how to setup RAID with BTRFS. Something not to be tackled by the faint-of-heart and not something Cakamares Calamares is setup to deal with.

You're best off doing a very selective and time consuming Arch install by hand if you're wanting RAID.



typo= calamares :wink:


Can't I make the RAID mkfs.btrfs -d single -m raid1 /dev/part1 /dev/part2 and follow this? Subvolume copy guide

Your best bet--I thought you wanted RAID?--is to do so after installing Garuda, like this:

Btrfs can add and remove devices online, and freely convert between RAID levels after the FS has been created.
Using Btrfs with Multiple Devices - btrfs Wiki

I want to state for the record that I have no experience with RAID, only that I have investigated it somewhat during the course of trying to grok BTRFS. Which still tends to allude me. :wink:

If all you want are Subvols, what's so hard about that?

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