Installing Garuda Linux with dual boot having ext4 file system

I wanted to install garuda linux on my device which is currently dual booted with windows and deepin os.I have separate partitions for home and root directory currently.I have a couple of questions in my mind

  1. Do i need to have only 1 btrfs partition(i.e /) when installing garuda or can I have separate partitions for root and home as I have now

2.How to make a transition to btrfs from ext4 without any data loss for both root and home partition.I think root can be formatted to btrfs when installing garuda but I'm mainly concerned about losing my data when transitioning to btrfs file system for the home partition.I searched a lot on the web for this but didn't find anything solid.

3.Can i have ext4 file system instead of btrfs ?

I am a new user but I think you don't need to format the home HDD as Btrfs.

Only the partition having Garuda will be Btfrs and the other will function normally,like how an NTFS pendrive will work on an Ext4 system

You don't need to, but it is easier for not experienced/advanced users.
With btrfs (one or more partitions) you have separate "partitions"-subvolumes as root, home, etc...

Not in Garuda, we cannot support it. Anyone that wants support from Garuda is expected to use btrfs.

I am not sure what you mean/ask.
When you install Garuda (in btrfs), you don't need "transition/conversion".
About home partition, I guess everyone should have a backup strategy anyway. Use this backup to save (before Garuda) and restore in Garuda home partition after Garuda installation.


You can convert ext4 to btrfs without data loss, if my reading serves us right. Btrfs - ArchWiki

Be sure to read the warnings, and back up your data!


If you convert to btrfs and mount the partition in fstab, you can take advantage of btrfs built-in compression. Compression - btrfs Wiki


I am a newbie to btrfs world.Could you please tell me more about how I can use two separate partitions rather than one in Garuda. Any config I need to set.Such that automatic snapshots before upgrade works in both the partitions

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When you install Garuda (in btrfs) everything is setup already for you.
One btrfs partition is setup with separate subvolumes for what is consider proper for a Linux system, including auto-snapshots.
For info, read Archwiki on btrfs.
I can't provide lessons or tutorials.
You can find several tutorials and videos using DDG search.


Just to clarify, you will receive no support on the Garuda forum if you install the "OS" on any file system other than BTRFS.

However, you may use data partitions or separate drives in other formats than btrfs. Garuda is setup with the expectation that it will be installed on btrfs, and other file systems are therefore unsupported.


So to clarify if I may... if my aim is to install Garuda over an existing Ubuntu install using /, /home and swap drives without needing to save (non)existing data, I will be given the option of overwriting ext4 with BTRFS by the installer?

Again I do not care if the previous install and data are completely lost. It would not bother me if I had to reinstall windows as well. I merely wish to skip repartitioning the hdd, upgrade ext4 to BTRFS on existing partitions and install Garuda, ending up with a 10/Garuda dual boot.

edit: Found my answer by doing it.

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Since my question is relative to this thread I'm asking here.
I use archlinux as main system the last couple of years, but I want to install garuda to use it as a backup installation or maybe to start using it as main system. I already did an installation in a VM, and seems that the installer allows the use of different partitions/disks. So I think I can use my already existent home partition for garuda. I was planning to don't use btrfs as root(/) filesystem and use ext4, but installer hasn't an option and here explained why.
So, I'll use btrfs, but because I don't have much space for this partition I would like to know if and how can I turn off the auto snapshot future, which seems that is enabled by default?

@dancaer69 please read. Garuda is not Arch. When you buy into a distribution, you also buy into their philosophy. That includes filesystem and layout.

In other words: Do what you want----just don't expect to receive any support/help with a bastardized system.



So, I'm going to install garuda on btrfs(as I wrote above) and I will use an ext4 partition as /home. Also I will use some ntfs parttions as data.

Please If you know answer my question, read my post first, so to understand what I'm asiking, and try not to be rude.

Hi, you really should have started a new thread and let this thread die. :wink:


Garuda is not arch but arch based, so read

In this forum we do not spoon feed the user,
in Linux world 'everything' is possible, just do it.

This thread was solved, but not closed. By accident.