Installing Garuda Linux on a Lenovo Legion 5 15ARH05H


As of writing this topic, I'm currently new to this forum and the OS! Yes, I did try to look this up in the forum before trying to start a new topic, and to my surprise there isn't much relevant results to this (I did see one guy from Malaysia who installed the Garuda Linux but never got back with an update.) Anyways, is there anything specific I should know about installing Garuda Linux on a laptop that could possibly end up with a few errors? (Somewhere in the internet people are reporting broken touchpad and brightness issues, though they seem to found a solution to it I think.) Thanks!

The easiest way to find out is to try it, unless you'd like to send an equivalent laptop to one of the maintainers so they can test it? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

You can also check general compatibility here:


I have the same model as you, except the H.
For the trackpad, I tried Mint and Manjaro, and none of them worked. But it works on Garuda, as for the brightness, I'm still fighting with the Nvidia drivers, only an external monitor is working.


Oh boy, that doesn't seem good. I'm about to give it a try today and see how it goes. So far the website shows that Garuda runs pretty fine. I'll either update today or by tomorrow!

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If you need help with installing drivers, you check my post how to do it.

Thanks for the link! Tho I have a Nvidia RTX 2060 and an integrated Radeon graphics card, I plan on only using the Nvidia card.

On the time of writing, I'm currently waiting for about 10-15 minutes for Garuda to boot from an usb, which I think shouldn't be this long to boot. Is this normal by any chance?

Edit: I selected the option to boot with the Nvidia card. I'll try the others and see if it works.

Yes, you can disable the AMD Card in the BIOS (F2), and for the 10-15 minutes boot time, you must have a crappy USB that is super slow. I installed Garuda on an external SSD, and takes less than a minute to boot (with LUKS).

I'm not too sure at this point, I might try another usb and see how that goes. The one I'm using took about 20 mins to flash with around 5 mb/s speed. I'll definitely see if I can grab another usb and if that doesn't work, guess I gotta use one of my external ssd.

Well, one thing that I can say; Good luck installing the drivers! It took me one week, and one fresh install.

Thanks fam xd

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So I ran into the NVIDIA problem, but the weird thing about this that I pick the "discrete graphics" option in the bios, the non-free driver will prevent the system from booting. However if I switched to "Switchable graphics", it will succeed in booting and I get to install the non-free driver through the Garuda Settings Manager, Hardware Configuration, and clicking Auto Install Proprietary Drivers. Make sure to uninstall the python-xdg or it will fail to install due to conflict. More here: