Installing Garuda KDE Dr460nized

I am trying to install Garuda from live session. I get as far as the partition ( am doing this manually) I formatted the partition and tried to install and received a message saying Garuda needs a Fat32 Partition, EFI boot and boot flag and that I need to return to set this up on the Partition. When I try this the Next button is greyed out, so I can not proceed.
Could someone give some advice. I am confused.
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Have you read and are following

There are linked videos to help. I used Calamares and it worked faultlessly - is there a particular reason you prefer manual partitioning and install?


That is BTRFS


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The installer is telling you that you also need:

You need an EFI partition for the EFI boot files. Example as linked from the Garuda wiki page:


Thank you for your advice. I found the problem was in the BIOS. I needed to change the settings to UEFI only, then I was able to install.

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