Installing failled

Downloaded Gaaruda kde Linux. Installation failed.resync failed error code 11. Help developers.thankyou

It's not recommend to install on VM :wink:


Welcome in Garuda Linux Forum :slight_smile:

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not in vm machine sir. installing on harddisk only... dual booting on win 10. now using lite edition it installs fine but ultimate edition is not installing . i think problem in file pakage . i indeed to download again . i will give a try . thank you.

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Maybe you use better next generation of Garuda. Coming soon. :slight_smile:
KDE has some problem with Latte-Dock but that is not the rsync failure, maybe a memory problem, that also is solved :crossed_fingers: , in next ISO's.


I would suggest you checksum the ISO to be sure it doesn't contain errors.

If the ISO is error free, then I would suggest running Calamares in debug mode.

You can launch Calamares in debug mode from the terminal.

sudo calamares -d 

Perhaps with detailed error logs @librewish could diagnose what your issue may be.