Installing and playing windows games

BTW 970 should run it unless it requires specific shaders the 970 doesn't have. 970 should be about the same if not a touch better than a 1060, especially since there were the crippled a$5 3gig models.

Well, it's DX12 only it seems, that's why.
1060 is the lowest DX12 card on nVidia's compatible cards list.

Well F those idiots then :wink: Heavy on the idiots. Games like that make me miss the old days. Not because I want slow hardware and crappy blocky games but back then there was a lower ceiling and devs had to actually put some work into optimizing...Now they are all just like meh slap it together and make some excuse for a 3090 as min GPU. Then on top of that half the time they don't even finish the damn thing! I remember when you'd get PAID to be a beta they make YOU lord WHAT IS THIS INSANE TIME LINE I'M STUCK IN!?

To be fair it is a video game that is licensed IP from discovery channel and based on a reality show so I don’t imagine it being the highest of quality titles to begin with. The developers other titles seem to be a crazy taxi ripoff and a need for speed copy.

Not sure if that's being fair or just calling them out :wink:

the 4850 is still a powerful card in comparison to laptop gpus. that thing was like 300 watts, that much processing power in 15 watts tdp is amazing. the problem with the 4850 is its feature set, its old and doesnt support new graphic apis.

this is the darkest time line sir.

#1 yes, yes it is the darkest timeline.
#2 my 4750 is a freaking hair dryer and it kicked A$5 for almost 10 years before I started seeing games I couldn't run max settings and deiced to replace it. So yeah I know it's still powerful. The catch is that so many games are now sloppy pigs for several reasons/trends in the industry making things that should be very capable...not so capable.

4850 bro not 4750. during that era i had the i7 3770 4870 x 2 then i upgraded to a 7970 GHz edition , modded my bios to 1200 gpu 1900 mem . i don't have space or money for things like that right now though, i'm happy to have my little ryzen laptop it beats my llano apu laptop and my i5 laptop by far.

Yeah I know 4850, just saying I know the cards from that time, knew and owned. :wink:

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