Installed with a couple of questions

Hey guys just got Gary's install done and all is looking good except for a couple of issues.

First and foremost it looks like I goofed on the password. What I think I did was not enable the numlock when creating his password. Meaning his password would be everything up to the last few caricature which were letters. I need to know how to correct / change it.

Second out of the gate doing the updates I got "File conflcts found garuda-samba garuda-settings-samba (/etc/samba/smb.conf: conflicting files". Then the updates stop.

OK update I'm right about the password. Just ran sudo su and then enter his password without the numbers and worked perfectly. Found where to change it, so no longer a issue.

The Samba conflict I could still use some help with though. Thanks

Other than that from everything I'm seeing the OS is beyond sweet. Very nice job everyone involved.

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Well it would ask to replace you just need to answer y


It didn't give me a question. Just the warning and a OK button. I'll run it again and see if I mussed something. Thanks

Thanks a lot launched Konsole this time and ran yay. Worked like a charm.

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