Installed Garuda Wayfire... Cannot adjust screen resolution within OS

I have Garuda Linux Wayfire installed on an Asus laptop with Invidia Geforce GTX 950m video. Cannot adjust screen resolution within OS. Will try adjusting Grub.cfm file to adjust boot resolution. However I am new to Linux and not familiar with Grub command line syntax. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

To adjust screen resolution in wayfire

Use wdisplays


Tried that... Adjusted to 1024x768, hit apply, but keeps reverting back to 3068x1092?
Was thinking about adjusting during bootup with Grub commands. However I am new to Grub command line syntax.

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Actions taken via wldispalys are not permanent. To make them permanent in wayland compositors they must be written directly to the config file - I think.

  1. Configuration · WayfireWM/wayfire Wiki · GitHub
  • You can get the names of your outputs with wlr-randr, or look at the output of Wayfire (new output: <name>)

  • Then something like this in wayfire.ini

mode = [email protected]
position = 0,0
transform = normal
scale = 1.000000


  1. You can use GitHub - atx/wlay: Graphical output management for Wayland which will write the required config to GitHub - emersion/wlr-randr: An xrandr clone for wlroots compositors which you can then autostart (Documentation)