Installation question, assistance needed

If I go into the terminal and run a custom install, like I would Arch, edit the pacman.conf file to add the selinux repository, then pacstrap /mnt base-selinux selinux, python-serpent, linux-firmware etc. Would it install Arch base or would it be the Garuda Dragonized that's on the iso, weird question, but my setup takes over an HR, and I'm not trying to waste that time, if it's just gonna be base Arch Linux, which is where I just came from. Thanks for the help.

Yes, it would be base Arch if you install that way. You are just using Garuda ISO instead of the Arch ISO.

Is there a reason you can't use the installer?

Yes, because Calamares is fast but limited, my setup uses SeLinux, Linux-Zen headers, Serpent cipher, Whirlpool hash, on luks2/dmcrypt full disk encryption, on f2fs NVME drive as root & btrfs raid0 with home var tmp and snapshot subvolves in addition to an LVM2 logical volume for swap on 2 mech drives, Calamares isn't that customizable, and for FDE those need to be done during installation.

Also I use Refund not grub

This is just my opinion but I am not sure Garuda is the right distro for your use case. It sounds like you have a very specific setup that you want setup your way.

Garuda is an opinionated distro that sets everything up in the Garuda-specific way and provides a ready-to-go out of the box experience.


Well thanks, I just wasn't sure if I could use the terminal or not, I love the distro it was my first experience with Arch, Dragonized is beautiful, and I love the out of the box minimal setup to it, I only wish that it was out of the box minimal post installation or at least have an option for people like myself who are more experienced, I just wasn't sure because you can install Gentoo on a Garuda, Arch, Debian etc iso, just by changing the terminal commands a bit so I wasn't sure if there was a backdoor install, still getting Garuda but without the automated installer. Thankyou tho.

Honestly it's more the encryption I care about everything else I could install and uninstall, to my liking just the full disk encryption needs to be done during install it can't be done post

I mean, technically speaking, you could install Arch and then add the parts from the Garuda config you want. It is all in gitlab and chaotic-aur.


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