Installation process open sources drivers


In the first phase of installaton I have a amd processor and a radeon 5550xt graphic what should I choose
open sources drivers
or Nividia drivers which is highlited as default.

Hi there, welcome to the community.

I can't understand why would you choose NVIDIA at all.

So, simply choose open source drivers.


Ok Thank you I done that but I noticed that the extra packages for example that you choose to install after the update would just not work and the add/remove installation in the welcome bar when I click on it does not work so I just added extra packages doing sudo pacman -S

The add/remove button in the welcome bar does not work any help please

In terminal do


Next time post your inxi -Fza and for new problem open new topic after forum or web search, please.


should do use sudo update or just the word update ?

Do as instructed.


yes resolved

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