Installation problems

No we won't.

4 gb ram is minimum.

If they have less ram then sorry but garuda isn't for that.


This means that users who do not meet the system requirements for KDE-Plasma are not allowed to download Lxqt.

That's unfair. Excuse me for this harsh word, but this procedure makes me crancy*.

*A mixture of crying and being angry.

A reason for this approach is sure to come right now.

As always with Linux, there is a solution.
But I don't want to get ahead of @librewish.

It's about reducing the inane comments from M$ users complaining why everything doesn't work even though it does on MX Linux and Ubuntu.

That's unfair too
No one reads about the minimal requirements or that VM is not recommended but posting to the world Garuda is crap.


I absolutely understand your arguments. And it must be terribly annoying when the cellphone rings every minute: "Help me, I can't boot" ...
Users who download Lxqt want a lean system with an infinite amount of RAM or they would be happy to use Garuda with minimum requirements.

I don't know and I am wavering what is the best way.

Do your thing and be good.


Btw, @Ansh , I would suggest buying 4GB or 2GB RAM module for your laptop. Pretty cheap, around $15 - $20 for 4GB in India. (Around 1000 to 1500 INR) for 4GB and around $7 - $10 for 2GB. (500-700 INR)
Because even if you don't like Garuda Linux, you will still feel other distros lagging with current specs. In my opinion, it is completely worth to buy a bit more RAM, if you want to run your laptop smoothly.


But i have seen that lxqt-kwin can be installed in 2 gb ram

Open firefox and three tabs and system hangs. For server you can use any other debian distro.


I don't doubt this, but, as @librewish says, it will not happen on Garuda.

That was old versions.

But if you still want to run, edit


But, You are on your own risk if you mess up with your machine or the installation hangs

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Please tell me any solution because i dont have money to purchase ram, because i am only 15 years old. my parents cannot afford that much

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(going out on a limb here) but the reason would be that the underlying system (utilizing memory etc) has higher requirements despite whatever DE is in use. So as stated, Garuda just isn't suitable for ancient or anemic system.
I would say a more minimal system like Manjaro with a light DE would fit better, or Slackware? (Maybe LUbuntu as it's tailored for laptops with minimal resources)

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but i cannot buy a new pc, try to understand

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How to edit it and where is it located, in my bootable pendrive??

In your bootable pen drive, open terminal and use

sudo micro etc/calamers/modules/welcome.conf

Then edit the line with RAM Requirements. Save the file and try installing again.


ok I am trying

Understood, what is being said is a 2GB stick of RAM would help you a lot and is a much less than a new PC.


But I already have 2GB ram :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

As in, another stick (if there's room), to bring your total up to 4GB. :slight_smile:

This os is for hackers???