Installation of wallapapers and kde components

installing additional wallpapers and kde components failure solution

solution please anyone?


Post your terminal in- and output as text (no pictures) from:

inxi -Faz

Without it, you will not receive any help from the Garuda team or your topic is likely to be closed without notice.

Before you open a new help request, read relevant sections of the Arch and Garuda wiki.
Thoroughly search your issue and any error messages in the forum and on the web.

Report everything you have already attempted to solve your problem.


Hi there, welcome to the community.

The information you provide is very very scarce, and makes little sense.

Please provide your exact issue, I mean what are you trying to do. What bars you from doing it?

Also, post your inxi -Faz output, as text, enclosed in ~~~

And be patient, you don't have to repeat "Help me" in 1 minute.


Did you select mirrors and run a full update first?

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