Installation metrix for dual booting

Lets study a simple case scenario:

Only one drive with Windows 10 and 3 partitions :
#1- System
#2- Windows 10
#3- Recovery

1- We shrink partition 2 for Garuda
2- We install Garuda on the empty partition with the “Replace partition” option.

What happen to the Garuda boot loader ? Is it installed in the System partition #1 ? If yes, can anybody show a full tree of the System partition after Garuda installation like THIS.

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MSOffice 2003 with ±5000 lines of VBA coding…

2003 won't run in WINE?

It is a default installation with PlayonLinux …

No clue I don't use Lutris or POL, I just install everything in Wine like you would in Windows. WineHQ lists the installer as running fine but that's kinda useless heh...

Found a few things that say yeah runs fine under Wine but it shouldn't be an issue for you to install and test before you dive 100% in.

This one is old as dirt and for Debian but they discuss vba explicitly. HOWTO install MS OFFICE 2003 using WINE with vba macro support

WOW ! 1000 thanks… :bouquet: :pray: :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I’ll try POL first though.

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Sorry ! I do not understand this…

Heh I think he was just tossing out a theoretical way to keep windows grubby fingers off the boot partition but yeah, not very intuitive :wink:

Thats the tree from win and Garuda you ask for

lsblk -f
│    vfat   FAT32 SYSTEM_DRV
│                       6469-0837                             226,8M    11% /boot/efi
│    ntfs         Windows-SSD
│                       3AE6699EE6695B61                                    
│    ntfs         WINRE_DRV
│                       527469EC7469D2F1                                    
     btrfs              ed159bee-f3f4-4cb1-aeff-997938929ff7    234G     6% /var/log

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Can you develop this partition with all sub directories and files ?

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Tell me how, i am tired :smiley:

IIRC we cant, only the boot entry will show, but who knows.

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Sorry, I’m NOT a Linux guru… yet !

But the above is from my laptop, this is my PC. Dos not help.

[root@i3 boot]# cd efi
[root@i3 efi]# ls
[root@i3 efi]# cd EFI
[root@i3 EFI]# ls
boot  Garuda
[root@i3 EFI]# cd Garuda/
[root@i3 Garuda]# ls
[root@i3 Garuda]# 

Then the entries of win and garuda would not bring you any further. :wink:

Many thanks. It helps a LOT !

For Your Information: if you want to know how to do it in Windows 10 :

If your system is a W10-Garuda dual boot system, boot into windows and :

1- open the "run" command (win-R) (win is the key between CTRL and ALT in the bottom left)
2- type diskmgmt.msc
3- right-click on the System partition in the graph layout
4- chose to assign a drive letter
5- choose "S" (for System) in the letter selection box or any other letter of your liking
6- win-R type "cmd"
7- change to partition "S" by typing >S:
8- type Tree /f
9- make an image out of the Tree structure or
10- type Tree /f > %userprofile%/desktop/Tree.txt to put the tree in the file Tree.txt on your desktop

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Late but… Thanks for you suggestion ! :+1:

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