Installation issue

It got stuck at coding like screen while I'm installing it

Hi there, welcome!
Your request is extremely vague; there is a great deal of information you should provide.
A non-exhaustive list:

  • name of the downloaded iso file
  • have you verified the checksum?
  • how you created the live usb (Ventoy, Whale Etcher, etc.)?
  • secure boot and fast boot are disabled in the BIOS?
  • SATA controller is set to AHCI mode in the BIOS?
  • your garuda-inxi from the live usb?
    Installation Procedure in the download page
    Garuda Linux | Download
    Installation Manual | Garuda Linux wiki

1 Iso file -: Garuda-dr460nized-linux-zen-220428
2 No i haven't . Neither i know how to do it.
3 I used balena etcher
4 Haven't triet it
5 This one too
6 yes

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You will need to search the internet a little bit. We cannot spoon-feed every step, and you will learn something new.
How to perform a file checksum verification is explained in a lot of sites. I just pick one randomly. If you want, you can also download tools (I guess you're currently in Windows) to do that without the command line. Search, if needed.

Search also, in your manual or on the internet, how to access the BIOS, since fast boot and secure boot verifications are important.
garuda-inxi is a command to be entered in a terminal of your live ISO. Copy the results (shift+ctrl+C) and past them here like this:
past text here
If the checksum is correct, and after BIOS verifications, give Ventoy a chance to re-create your live USB.
Last but not least (I forgot to mention this in my first post): tell us more about where the installation freezes. Does the live USB start at all? If not, either the checksum or the secure boot could be the culprit. If the freeze is really during installation (not booting), we need to know where.


I clicked on " boot allowing property driver "
Then after a coding screen starts and it's stucked at [ 34.462187 ] --- [ end trace 0000000000000000 ] ---

Have you tried with open source drivers?
You can install the proprietary drivers later.


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