Installation failed on useradd

I just installed KDE lite version on Lenovo Legion 5 with Ryzen 7 processor. I installed in on an existing EXT4 partition. At the last bit of the installation the installer gave an error something about useradd cannot run. I did not get a screenshot but there was an error and the installation stopped.

Any help will be appreciated.

Which version of iso you used ?

We just released new isos


I used 201022 release. I will try the newer version.
Thanks for the quick heads-up.

I installed 201119 and it installed without any problem. However this time I chose to install on existing partition, which the installer then formatted to btrfs. So looks like the newer image solved the issue.


This can also be an factor - remember that Garuda is configured specifically to take advantage of BTRFS as its filesystem.


I installed it on another laptop (Intel based with integrated graphics) with EXT4 partition and it did go well initially but could not update using pacman. I had to uninstall Timeshift and the problem went away.

Yeah timeshift fails to create a snapshot on ext4 thats why. Removing the whole thing also removes the hook which creates the snapshot :blush:
Make sure to backup properly if you are not using the snapshot feature.
Glad you got this sorted :slightly_smiling_face:

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