Installation error while booting live garuda

Hey i recently tried installing garuda dragonised but got this error instead after clicking on boot with open source drivers . I have no other os in my pc and only 1 usb with live garuda please help me with the installation..

If gaming, use "normal".

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Please provide the name of the iso file you have, how you flashed it in the USB (use Ventoy possibly) and if the checksum was verified.


Garuda dragonised latest iso from nginx server and used etcher to verify with no error

What normal? :thinking:

ISO name is
not latest from something :wink:

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Not the gaming one its normal

I downloaded the latest 230826 from here u gave older version

You are using a version not released by Garuda, which has yet to be tested.
Use only the ISO’s from Downloadpage (garuda-dr460nized-linux-zen-230501.iso), please.
It has been downloaded thousands of times, and if it doesn’t work for you, the fault is not with Garuda.

This is only sourceforge, the download numbers from our server and bittorent should be higher.


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